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New! The heat has been cranked the f*** up in Rest in Garlic. We have perfected our habanero garlic sauce formula with blending peaches, pineapples, and ginger, combined with herbs and spices to create this sinus clearing, citrus garlic explosion.  A couple drops of this habanero garlic fire will immediately transform boring or bland into spicy and delectable. Heavy pour at your own risk…. 


rest in garlic made with habanero peppers

Rest in garlic

Kendy’s Pepper Sace is back at it with Rest in Garlic. The habaneros blend more finely making this hot sauce concentrated, so a little pour goes a longgg way. We’ve perfected our habanero garlic formula with some new fruits to help cut some heat and add a little bit of sweetness to the burn. This is for those of you seeking more pain when you eat, but you won’t miss out on flavor! R.I.G. will take your tastebuds on a journey of emotions, but ultimately leave them craving for more, if they survived.  

All and jar

some like it hot

Turn up the heat! This new spin on our original pepper sauce,  cranks up the scovilles with a base of habanero peppers and hella garlic.  We’ve swapped out mango and added more tropical fruits and citrus to the mix. It’s pureed with pineapples, peaches, and ginger and we are obsessed! Rest in Garlic will have your nose running, lips stinging, and having you wish you could handle more. We love it on avocado toast, in buddha bowls, added to potatoes, roasted vegetables and in quiche. You will be torn by your desire to pour more so you can taste it’s garlic deliciousness again, while your heat receptors scream at you to slow your roll.


Ingredients: habanero peppers, garlic, pineapple, peach, ginger, cilantro, lime, curry, mustard, distilled white vinegar, salt, spring onion, onion, turmeric


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