Locally sourced. Small batches.

all-natural. vegan.

Kendy’s Pepper Sauce is made with love in Orlando, FL. Our tropical and spicy island flavors are inspired by the heart of the Caribbean. We source our ingredients from local agriculture and business. We focus on sustainability, through supporting local farms and small businesses, along with an eco-conscious mindset throughout our process.

On top of making damn good hot sauce, we are passionate about your health so we only use high-quality, organic, allergy-friendly ingredients. All of our spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables used in our sauces are derived from natural, plant-based elements. We do not use any artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

Our hope is to bond local communities, friends, and families with a bottle of Kendy’s Pepper Sauce by making every meal absolutely fire. 🔥

not just hot sauce

Our original formula with habanero and jalapeño peppers, garlic, mango, onions, cilantro, and fresh spices. It is inspired by the heart and flavors of the Caribbean Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados. If you’ve visited the islands, you’ll be transported right back with a bottle of our sauce. Pepper sauce is a thicker, textured hot sauce and is perfect to add to any dish. It adds a unique flavor and automatic heat to spice up home-cooked meals or takeout. Add it into soups, stir fry, curries, savory batters, marinades,  or even as a salad dressing. Follow us on social media to see how you can enjoy Kendy’s Pepper Sauce and elevate any meal. Tag us and let us know how you use Kendy’s Pepper Sauce! 

100% natural. allergy & diet friendly.

 We only use all-natural ingredients. Our sauce does not contain any artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. We do not believe in using fillers or chemicals, we just want our food to be that, food! All flavors are derived from natural elements and use non GMO and organic ingredients. 

Kendy’s Pepper Sauce is allergen and dietary friendly, Our sauce is dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free. So you can enjoy each bottle worry-free from common allergies and dietary restrictions. We are always open to allergy requests and concerns, please reach out to us here.

small batched. locally sourced.

We make our sauce in small batches with the freshest ingredients from local farms and agriculture, ensuring the highest quality and taste. As seasons change, we use the most readily available ingredients to produce an array of flavors we can offer year-round.

We love what we do. We get to make our delicious hot sauce because of you. Our favorite part about the whole process is seeing how much you enjoy our creations. Whether you can take the heat or if you like life a little more mild and predictable, we’re creating sauces for you! We continually incorporate and experiment with seasonal favorite ingredients and unique pairings to offer different sauces for any palette. 

Did you know?

Kendy’s Pepper Sauce ships in mailers that you can compost! So go ahead, throw ’em in your compost pile. We make eco-conscious decisions throughout our processes. Since we are passionate about sustainability, supporting local and small businesses, we seek vendors and materials that share these values. We love and welcome positive change for growth in our processes, packaging, and materials. Through analyzing these processes, updates are constantly being made for the better as we stay in line with our core values and put forth the product you love.

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It started with a garden

and a passion for incredible food

It all started with a garden. As fate would have it, the pandemic struck in 2020. During the mandated closures, I started a garden in my backyard, like many of us amidst the extended time spent at home.

Eventually, my hot peppers grew like crazy. Inspiration struck through by my great, close friends and their families from Trinidad and the Caribbean Islands. In the states, we focus on our very vinegar-based liquefied hot sauces. But in the islands, there is pepper sauce and lots of it. 

Read our interview in the Local Stories section in Orlando Voyager magazine.

With Florida’s ideal hot pepper growing conditions, a day came when I had so many jalapeño and habanero peppers growing that I almost didn’t know what to do. Of course, I would make a pepper sauce with them.

Kendy’s Pepper Sauce was born. After much experimentation and channeling a Caribbean chef and trial and error, a final product emerged. Today, we’re expanding our sauce line with more diverse offerings of Caribbean, tropical, and Florida-inspired ingredients through each season. But what makes it all keep going is you, thank you.