‘The Original’

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This hot pepper sauce gives you an authentic Caribbean experience with jalapeños, habaneros, garlic, mango, lime, and a perfect blend of spices.


Huevos rancheros loves kendy's pepper sauce

Elevate your meals 🔥

This sauce is next level! Everyone swears their pepper sauce Is the best until they’ve tasted Kendy’s Pepper Sauce. This hot pepper sauce gives you an authentic Caribbean experience. A perfect blend of fresh, wholesome peppers harvested at peak ripeness, puréed, specially formulated, and aged to create an individual piquant taste.This savory jalapeño pepper sauce has a unique flavor that adds a powerful zing to any foods from breakfast omelettes and hash browns, burgers and fries, steak, barbecuing, fish, soups, and tacos.

Sushi and pepper sauce

Perfect combo of heat and flavor

You want your pepper sauce to have a hellish burn and rich, delicious flavor. This hot pepper sauce takes the uncomfortable can’t-wait to finish mood from adding pepper sauce to your meal and turns every meal into a feast. Whether marinating, topping or you’re just a hot pepper chiles thrill-seeker, this incredible blend is like no other with a flavorful taste that is both comfortable and enjoyable.

Bon Appétit
Hot green jalapeno pepper in bowl,

Ingredients: jalapeño peppers, habanero peppers, garlic, mango, cilantro, lime, curry, mustard, distilled white vinegar, salt, spring onion, onion, turmeric

3 reviews for ‘The Original’

  1. Nataly Mambru

    This hot sauce has the PERFECT balance between incredible flavor and a nice kick. It goes great on EVERYTHING!!! I love trying it with different foods. Try it with sushi you won’t be disappointed!!!
    (This is a 5 star sauce much recommend)

  2. Erica V.

    Dear lord baby Jesus! There is nothing I don’t put this pepper sauce on! I mainly use it on my breakfast meals when I make potatoes and eggs but I also find this marinates so we’ll with chicken. I could go on and on but I’m just glad to finally have a go-to sauce I can put literally on anything for an extra kick of flavor. You’re a genius Kendra!

  3. Katie

    Love love love this sauce! I made a curry recently and added this to to it, soooo good! I love the flavors and texture, it goes so well with everything I’ve tried it on: Amy’s burritos, avocado toast, eggs, etc. Can’t say enough good things about it! 🙂 Can’t wait for more flavors!!!!

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